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"The products at SkinRxperts have been amazing. My skin tone has evened out, my broken capillaries are gone and my overall appearance is such that I can go without make up. I often get comments on what pretty skin I have and that I look younger than my age."
Amy C.
After my cancer diagnosis, I was grateful that my doctor referred me to skinRxperts for NerveRx®. I had good results and eventually tried other products on the site. I have been happy with every product I've used and have a subscription for refills.
Six months of chemotherapy and radiation left me with bad neuropathy in my fingers, toes, and feet. It made my hands and feet stiff, tingling with some shooting pains. I didn't want to take addictive pain killers and I have a lot of allergies to medications. I was referred to skinRxperts and it was so helpful. The NerveRx® product helped me with my pain! While it didn't completely take away all of my symptoms, it tremendously helped reduce them by decreasing swelling, smoothing out my nerve pain, and even helped to relax my stiff fingers and toes. I'm forever grateful to skinRxperts!
NHZ - Aurora, CO
I have sensitive skin and patches of eczema all over my body, but worse around my mouth and below jawline. I started using skinRxperts products 6 months ago and noticed a great improvement with my overall hydration and a reduction in itching and flaring of the eczema. I have trouble finding the right skin care products and I don't ever have to shop again after finding these products which are not only gentle, but effective!
Some of the cancer meds I’ve been taking have had aging and drying effects on my skin. After starting to use skinRxperts products and moisturizers, my skin today is noticeably smoother and more supple and feels great.
I’ve been undergoing therapy for my blood cancer for over five years now and had always expected peripheral neuropathy to become part of my life. Thankfully, after starting NerveRx® a year ago, my neuropathy symptoms have greatly decreased. I can honestly say that I’m one step further in returning to a normal lifestyle again.

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