Dedicated to developing state of the art, results-oriented skin care products for the most sensitive skin conditions.


A new standard in skin care to safely and compassionately care for individuals who are undergoing or recovering from oncology treatments, those with sensitive skin, and those looking for a safe, gentle, and clinically proven skin care line.


Our commitment to our community means supporting the causes that change the lives of anyone affected with cancer, and conditions that produce sensitive skin. We believe in giving. Providing products to cancer support agencies, as well as giving to individuals to help them help themselves.


We curated this skin care line with state of the art, safe and effective ingredients for the unique needs of people with the most sensitive and compromised skin. Whether you are undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment, have sensitive skin, or simply looking for an effective skin care line, you will feel comfortable using them or gifting them.

For us, it’s personal!

We are two sisters and licensed estheticians. We started our business in 1999, and have passionately offered the highest quality clinical skin care blended with a holistic approach. 

When a cancer diagnosis hit our family, we came to understand how overwhelming it can be to deal with oncology treatments, the potential for side effects, and how the skin can change during or after treatment. The skinRxperts line was created to offer a safe and effective solution for compromised skin. Our carefully curated products gently heal and soothe the skin, and can help minimize the side effects experienced that may arise from treatment. These superior products are also well tolerated on the most sensitive skin, as well as for those looking for a gentle and effective skin care line.

It is with a humble heart that we hope these products can make a positive impact for you like they do for us. 

Christine headshot 2023

Co-founders Christine Ashkar Cohlmia

and Paula Ashkar Aweida



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